At Spruce Street School students of diverse ages and skills interact to master developmentally appropriate practices at their own pace in small, flexible groups. Our multi-age classrooms usually span three age groups. Children experience an even broader multi-age community through All School Meetings, Electives, Arts Week, and Buddies.

Urban Learning

Denny Triangle is a small, eclectic, urban neighborhood located just north of downtown Seattle and south of Lake Union. Children at Spruce Street School utilize downtown resources and infrastructure - libraries, parks, museums, transportation, and businesses - to anchor their learning in real world settings that are literally at the school's doorstep.


Spruce Street School is a diverse environment of students, families, and staff. Every day, we strive to intentionally create a culture that fosters strong character, positive self-image, and a life-long excitement for learning. We honor and value each and every student: who an individual student is, where that student is from, and what that student brings to both the classroom and the community. We model and teach respect for all types of diversity, including cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity, learning differences, beliefs, and abilities.