Extended Day

Spruce Street School offers childcare both before and after school. In the mornings, childcare is available from 7:45 AM, when our doors open, until classes start at 8:30 AM. There is no charge for morning childcare. After classes end at 2:45 PM, we offer a snack and structured Extended Day program that runs until 5:45 PM. The fees for this program are $2,835 for the year full-time, or $22 per day drop in. Students who receive financial aid for tuition also receive financial aid for extended day.

The Extended Day program has a playful atmosphere with students from all classes interacting and working together.  The staff offers physical activities, art projects, games, and  an opportunity for children to play in a safe, fun environment with their friends from all six classrooms. In this relaxed after-school environment, the staff continues the expectation of supportive social interactions and thoughtful choices.