Differentiated, Integrated Learning

Children at Spruce Street School encounter real world learning situations where multiple subjects are combined to broaden understanding of an activity. The arts, sciences, social studies, and basic skills all interplay in our students’ education. This interdisciplinary approach prepares children for holistic lifelong learning rather than compartmentalized training on discrete subjects. Science and social studies give our students the opportunity to experience life rather than simply learn about it. The classroom experience includes music instruction twice weekly, visual arts, and an artist-in-residence budget for each teacher. Each class creates an annual dramatic performance related to the themes they have learned over the year.

Main features of integrated curriculum are:

  • A combination of subjects
  • An emphasis on projects
  • Sources that go beyond textbooks
  • Relationships among concepts
  • Thematic units as organizing principles
  • Flexible schedules
  • Flexible student groupings.