Arts (visual, music, theater)


Students attend music class twice a week for at least 30 minutes per session.  During class students explore musical idioms and genres through rhythm, melody and instruments.  The goal of the music program is to provide each student with a foundation to learn the fundamentals of music by studying the following musical elements: structure, timing, timbre, melodic sequence and rhythmic syncopation.

Visual Arts

Using the arts to form a rich and varied learning environment for students is an integral part of Spruce Street School. The goal of the Visual Arts program is for students to learn how to connect ideas, materials and techniques as they create artwork, with an emphasis on helping students to see themselves as artists. Students share the art studio to develop creativity, practice learned techniques, and build an understanding of the fundamental elements of art: line, shape, color, and texture.


All students perform class plays for the school community. Our integrated curriculum approaches theater as a way to explore history, culture, language, movement, music, and costume/set/prop fabrication. Teachers often work with outside actors, directors, choreographers and designers as a part of the process. Each level has its own artist-in-residence budget to support these experiences.