Language Arts and Math

Our highly differentiated approach to reading, writing and math provides children with a firm foundation for their future intellectual adventures. Our teachers employ a variety of approaches to address different learning styles and build on our students’ strengths. Skills instruction and practice are integrated with the study of arts and sciences to give students a rich context in which to learn.

Since we believe that every child can learn, we neither require testing prior to admission to Spruce Street School nor do we use standardized tests to evaluate academic growth. A child’s progress is assessed through demonstration of competency in realistic situations from daily life and reported to parents through qualitative narratives and continua. Annual assessment includes two written reports, two continua, math benchmarks, reports from specialist teachers, and two parent conferences. Teachers are available throughout the year for additional conferences.

Spruce Street School worked closely with Bonnie Campbell Hill to produce developmental continua for reading and writing. Find out more about Bonnie Campbell Hill >>

In addition, the school has a series of math benchmarks for each multi-age level. These benchmarks are based on Common Core Math Standards. All three levels of benchmarks, including the ideas for at-home support can be found here.