Social Skills

In addition to academic progress, children at Spruce Street School benefit from time dedicated to developing social and emotional skills. A supportive peer environment comes from conscious commitment. Students learn empathy, impulse control, anger management, and conflict resolution through the Second Step programs. This program is theĀ cornerstone of our commitment to build a community that encourages individual differences and reduces the effect of peer pressure and cliques. Each and every member of the community is taught to take responsibility for his/her own behavior, to give and receive help graciously, and to be respectful of differences. We teach children (through curriculum and modeling) to recognize and respect their own feelings and the feelings of others. We emphasize collaboration in work and play. We teach and make use of conflict resolution skills in daily school life.

Children take these skills into the wider community, where they are expected to be good urban stewards, sharing parks, buses and the sidewalk with our neighbors. Students also engage in service projects. Service learning is integrated into the curriculum.

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