Community Connected Classroom

Children at Spruce Street School utilize downtown resources and infrastructure – libraries, parks, museums, transportation, and businesses – to anchor their learning in real world settings that are literally at the school’s doorstep.

Parks and Playgrounds
Nearby Denny Park has a large play field and recently renovated Cascade Park includes a playground and P-patch. Located within a few blocks, Spruce Street School uses the public parks throughout the year and for our cross country program. All students and teachers walk to Cascade Park each Friday afternoon to enjoy the grass field and large climbing structure.

Denny Triangle is a small, eclectic, urban neighborhood located just north of downtown Seattle and south of Lake Union. It is home to a mix of educational, residential, commercial, government, and light industrial organizations, including Cornish College of the Arts, Antioch College, the Washington Braille Library, the Federal Courthouse, Morningside Academy and the Seattle Police Department. The neighborhood is undergoing dramatic and rapid development, providing vibrant and dynamic surroundings for our school community. Convenient access to city buses and the Seattle Streetcar make Seattle’s downtown a natural part of the school’s resources.