Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $26,000.00. Tuition includes all school day activities and before school care. Tuition for the next school year is usually set in January by the Board of Trustees.

Spruce Street School is committed to socioeconomic diversity,  and approximately 30% of our students receive financial aid every year. Toward its goal to be as affordable and accessible as possible, the school is currently undergoing a capital campaign to build a financial reserve dedicated to financial aid. To learn more about financial aid at Spruce Street School, click here.

A Typical Financial Year at Spruce Street School:

  • Tuition: expect a 4-8% increase in tuition each year of your child’s attendance; financial aid is available.
  • Annual Fund gift: gifts range from $5-$15,000 or more, and should be a meaningful gift for each family. The average gift is about $1,200 per child.
  • Auction: all families participate in the auction in multiple ways such as volunteering, attending, procuring a live auction item or hosting a buy-in party.
  • Capital Campaign: the school is currently undergoing a capital campaign to build a reserve fund for financial aid; families have the opportunity to support this effort.
  • Childcare: after-school care is available. Costs range depending upon amount of time required, starting with a minimal drop-in fee and ending with full-time care (about $2,700 for the year). Students who receive financial aid for tuition also receive financial aid for extended day.
  • Other costs at your discretion:  Scholastic books, classroom gifts