Spruce Street School graduates are confident, competent, participatory members of their communities. Middle schools love our students for their breadth of knowledge, their ability to work with all kinds of students, and their passion for learning.

Spruce Street School students are admitted to all of the many different types of middle schools in the area, public and private. The variety of middle schools our students attend directly reflects the diversity of learners we have at our school. Our graduates have attended:

  • Academy for Precision Learning
  • Billings Middle School
  • Evergreen School
  • Explorer West Middle School
  • Hamlin Robinson School
  • Lake Washington Girls Middle School
  • Lakeside School
  • Morningside Academy
  • The Northwest School
  • Pacific Crest Montessori
  • Seattle Academy
  • Seattle Girls' School
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Seattle School for Boys
  • The Bush School
  • University Prep
  • Villa Academy

Alumni and their families maintain close relationships with Spruce Street School. They attend our social functions, contribute to our fundraising efforts each year, and some of our graduates even come back as tutors and camp instructors!

If you are an alum please fill out our alumni survey. If you would like to let us know how an alum is doing, contact us!