Our Mission & Core Values


Spruce Street School is a nurturing educational community that instills in a broad range of children the social, emotional, and intellectual skills for lifelong participation in a diverse society.

We offer kindergarten through fifth grade students highly personalized instruction, supporting their social-emotional development as well as academic excellence. At Spruce Street School, we encourage students to anchor their learning in real-world applications, preparing them to be enthusiastic lifelong learners and able contributors to society.

Core Values

Community: Children derive great benefit from being part of a strong, safe, nurturing school community. Our students feel known, valued and respected. We also believe that it is important for students to feel connected and able to contribute to the larger community around us. Towards this end, we provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of service learning projects.

Diversity: Spruce Street School is a diverse environment of students, families, and staff. Every day, we strive to intentionally create a culture that fosters strong character, positive self-image, and a life-long excitement for learning. We honor and value each and every student: who an individual student is, where that student is from, and what that student brings to both the classroom and the community. We model and teach respect for all types of diversity, including cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity, learning differences, beliefs, and abilities.

Social/Emotional Development: A child’s social and emotional development is as important as their academic progress. Our community actively promotes the development of positive, respectful relationships among students and staff. We teach children (through curriculum and modeling) to recognize and respect their own feelings and the feelings of others. We emphasize collaboration in work and play. We teach and make use of conflict resolution skills in daily school life.

Differentiated, Integrated Instruction: All children have strengths, challenges, and different ways of learning. Our teachers recognize and honor these differences, creating an integrated curriculum and a rich educational experience that is meaningful for each individual student. A true understanding of each child and high expectations help ensure that every child is able to realize his/her own potential


North Star Vision

By 2035, Spruce Street School will be the highest quality, most financially accessible K–5 independent school of its kind in the Seattle area – able to admit children who would thrive in our educational program and community, regardless of their families’ ability to pay. In addition, we will continue to be distinguished for our unique program and excellent teachers.